Kempen Menanam 100 Juta Pokok

July 19, 2021


The Greening Malaysia: 100 Million Trees Campaign Webinar Series 2 on ‘Mass Flowering of the Malaysian Rainforest’ scheduled for 30 July 2021 is open for registration now.

Scan the QR code on the poster or click on to secure a place. Participation is free of charge and limited to 1,000 attendees.

Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) Director General Dr Ismail Parlan will deliver the opening remarks and also serve as the Moderator for this webinar.

Co-organised by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (KeTSA), FRIM and The Habitat Foundation, the session will disclose interesting research findings on mass flowering as well as highlight strategies and activities undertaken by various agencies and organisations to ensure collections of seeds for the production of planting materials for forest conservation and restoration.

The following are the topics to be presented by five panel speakers:
🟢‘Pattern of flowering in Malaysian Forest: Trend over a 30-year period’ by Nashatul Zaimah Noor Azman (Head of Seed Technology Laboratory, FRIM);
🟢‘Managing source of planting materials in governing Sarawak’s greening Programme’ – Zarina Hj Shelbi (Assistant Director, Restoration and Industrial Forest Division (RIFD), Sarawak Forest Department);
🟢‘General flowering of tropical forest and its implication to forestry in Sabah’ – Dr Reuben Nilus (Head of Forest Ecosystem Management Research Programme, Forest Research Centre, Sabah Forestry Department);
🟢‘NGO’s role towards greening programme through CEPA’ – Prof. Dr Ahmad Ismail (President, Malaysian Nature Society [MNS]);
🟢‘Seeds collection for ecosystem restoration’ – Mohd. Rizal Sabran (Head of Section, Planting Material Technology, Forestry Department Peninsular Malaysia [FDPM]); and
🟢‘Community-powered conservation: A voluntary dipterocarp seed project’ – Afzaa Abdul Aziz (Project Manager for Elmina Rainforest Knowledge Centre, Tropical Rainforest Conservation and Research Centre [TRCRC]).

Registered participants will receive the Zoom link before the webinar and an e-cert after the session. For any enquiry or assistance, please contact:

Pix by: FRIM Seed Laboratory Technology & Geoinformation Programme

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